These are the skills top U.S. companies say students need post-pandemic

Since the pandemic began, the way we work has drastically shifted from in-person to remote and online. As we slowly move beyond the pandemic, the skills companies require will also shift from those they required only a few years prior. 
Education Week conducted a survey where they asked top U.S. companies in various industries what skills they expect K-12 students to learn in order to be job-ready in the future. Below are some of the responses.


Michael Fischer, Vice President of Global Talent Management 

“Teamwork and Collaboration: Desire to work with others different from yourself—different backgrounds, genders, functions, geographies, cultures—to create better, more durable results; and the ability to work as a member of a team to achieve an agreed set of goals.”



Mark Sparvell, Director of Marketing Education 

Microsoft identified “critical thinking and creativity, cognitive flexibility (ability to deal with ambiguity and change), and self-regulation” as skills needed in the future. In fact, these skills, which will have the greatest impact in the modern workplace, “are the same skill sets and mindsets required by students right now to navigate remote learning.”



Lottie Holland, Director of Talent Acquisition, Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement 

Communicating effectively: As the world transitions to working online, being able to communicate effectively through digital platforms is a key skill demanded by Chrysler. In fact, Lottie Holland says that “unlike in-person interactions, virtual environments inhibit reading and responding timely to many critical nonverbal cues.” This makes communication ever more important. 


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