The skills employers are looking for as companies transition to work from home

Our last two Scoops were focused on communication skills and how to develop them. This week, we’d like to point out other important skills students should develop as they begin their career journeys. 
According to a 2021 trends report from virtual learning platform Udemy for Business, leadership-related skills and productivity skills were among the top skills sought after by businesses. 

Leadership skills 

In 2020, there was an increased number of managers who registered for courses that helped develop their leadership skills in areas such as diversity and equity. Experts say that these leadership skills will help with building more cohesive teams and promote belonging. 

And managers weren’t the only ones registering for leadership training. Employees were also enrolling in courses to develop their leadership skills. Employees say they enrolled in these courses to better their decision-making, which has been especially important to them in this fast-changing, pandemic world. 

Productivity skills and habits

As employees have transitioned to working from home, some may have found themselves lacking motivation and falling behind on deadlines. Students should bear this in mind when they prepare themselves for their future careers. It’s never too early to start developing good habits and skills for productivity. 

Simple ways for everyone to stay on task include making to-do lists, on a phone or in a journal. Getting students into a routine of writing to-do lists will help them focus on their work, despite numerous distractions in their home. This habit will help them stay on task throughout their education and career journeys.

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