Techniques that will make you and your students better communicators

In this Scoop, we’ve compiled the top three communication techniques identified by communication expert and best-selling author Leil Lowndes. Her 2003 book How to Talk to Anyone outlines several ways through which anyone can be a master communicator. 

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Show that you care

People like to be heard. As such, Leil advises people to demonstrate their passion and interest in the other party. This can be done by matching the other person’s tone and posture while maintaining eye contact. 

So, next time, pay attention to your conversation partner’s body language and tone and try to match them. This will help you engage in the conversation and make the other party feel heard. 

Step out of the spotlight

During conversations, we often fall into the trap of turning the spotlight back onto ourselves. When we relate to a situation, we launch into a monologue on how the other day the same thing happened to us. 

Leil suggests turning the spotlight back onto the other party. We all like to talk about ourselves; so, by encouraging the other party to talk about themselves, we get to learn more about them and their agenda. 

Speak from the other person’s perspective

Perhaps the most useful tip for developing your communication skills is by thinking and seeing from the other’s perspective. For example, instead of asking your boss, “Can I take Friday off?” Leil recommends asking, “Can you do without me on Friday?” 

She says to “put [requests] in his or her terms, because those are the terms he or she will put it in anyway.” 

Practicing these communication strategies will help make you and your students communication superstars and help your students both build successful futures! 


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