Hi! We're SoftServe, and we make learning fun.


We’re a team of innovators, educators, creatives, and above all else, believers in developing soft-skills through Social-Emotional Learning.

Our passion for empowering soft-skills goes beyond just the products we make. It’s ingrained in who we are and what we believe in. 

Because when soft-skills are strengthened and developed, it’s not just the student that wins, but the whole community, and that’s an idea worth fighting for.

Our purpose is simple.

To empower the use of soft-skills in students across the world.

Students spend more time in class than almost anywhere else, and yet teachers are not equipped with the tools to teach vital soft-skills. We’re here to change that. We’re soft-skills advocates and the first step in our revolution starts with empowering teachers to easily teach the youth of today the soft-skills they need to change the world of tomorrow.

Teachers have been instrumental in building SoftServe, offering their support, guidance, and feedback throughout the development process. 

We’re proud to say SoftServe has been created with the input of teachers and students in over 35 schools across Canada and the U.S.