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Explain it to me like I’m five. What is SoftServe?
SoftServe is the world’s first customizable game designed to teach and empower the use of soft-skills in middle school and high school students. SoftServe is learning made FUN.
What about core competencies? Can SoftServe help with that?
In a word? Yes! In a few more words, SoftServe utilizes the five core concepts of Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Social-Awareness, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making, and Relationship Skills. These bad boys work together to help your students feel and show empathy for others, manage emotions, and, most importantly, make good choices. What does this add up to? These skills help empower students to achieve not only their personal goals, but contribute to safe, healthy, and productive communities. This is what fuels SoftServe’s engine, so you can feel confident knowing that every moment spent with us is a moment building toward the success of your students. You can thank us later.
I’m a teacher. I already have enough content to teach my students. Is there a way to integrate it with SoftServe?
Are you sitting down? Okay good. Imagine a world where your students are learning your lesson plans and developing soft-skills at the same time. That’s all possible with SoftServe! SoftServe allows you to integrate existing classroom content directly into our games. This feature offers greater customization and allows you to adjust the difficulty. Educators are encouraged to create their own game statements, incorporating every subject from Physics to World History and even Computational Thinking.
Sounds amazing! So how does it work?
The science behind it is actually pretty complex. Luckily, we make it simple. SoftServe is based on the strategies and techniques of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This approach focuses less on design-thinking as a foundational component and instead allows for a learning space that acts more like product-development ideation. By approaching the concepts with educational gamification, the modules are a rewarding and engaging path to understanding and managing emotions.
Got it. So how do you play? How does it work?
SoftServe works by utilizing the principles of SEL to encourage creative and constructive thinking. Students are presented with a unique game statement (this is where you can have some fun) and are asked to answer two questions: who cares, and why. In answering these questions, students practice and learn empathy and curiosity. This unique game structure also prevents students from rephrasing the game statement and jumping to a solution before fully understanding. Our favourite part of SoftServe? Students are asked to vote on responses submitted by their peers (don’t worry, this is anonymous) which allows them to see and understand different perspectives. Did we mention this all happens in five-minutes?
Sounds almost too good to be true. Can we adjust the difficulty?
We know. It’s pretty great. You can easily adjust the difficulty of SoftServe by getting creative with your game-statements, as well as using something called “forbidden words”. Forbidden words are words that students cannot use in their responses. This makes things a bit tougher for your students and encourages the development of a robust vocabulary.
How many students are needed to play SoftServe?
You need a minimum of six students to play the game.
Well, I’m almost sold. Just a few more questions. What do you do in the event of a tie?
GREAT question! In SoftServe, students are encouraged to respond quickly. In the event of a tie, the student who submitted their answer the quickest, wins.

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