3 essential skills that’ll help your students succeed in their future careers

As reported by Forbes, there are three essential skills that’ll help your students succeed in their future careers

System-oriented skills

While we always rave about the importance of soft-skills (they really are important), employers in 2021 and beyond will still look for candidates who have expertise in job-related fields. The trick for students is to phrase their skills in a more universal way, to show how their skills can be transferable from school to work.


People-oriented skills

If the pandemic has taught employers one thing, it’s that virtual teams and remote work are here to stay. Therefore, skills such as communication and emotional intelligence, especially in a virtual setting, are vital. Students need to start developing these skills in school early, as these soft-skills take years of practice and can’t be learned quickly.


Self-oriented skills

We all know that being a hard-worker is an important self-oriented skill in a job. But to prepare for their future jobs, students need to be not only hard-workers but also masters at managing stress. 70% of American workers said the pandemic has been the most stressful time of their careers. Social emotional learning (SEL) can not only help students learn empathy—research shows that it also helps them reduce stress.


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